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Materials for the Contemporary Instrumentalist was developed through years of teaching and application to today’s college music student. Written for performers and conductors, this single text covers the most commonly found contemporary musical notation, approaches, and techniques, including improvisation and interaction with technology, for standard orchestral instruments. Organized by topic, it covers contemporary approaches to use of time, pitch, rhythm and meter, form, improvisation, and use of technology in clear, non-technical language and with a practical, real-world application and approach. It can be used both in courses teaching contemporary music and it’s performance as well as in private studio instruction of orchestral instruments and in advanced conducting courses. Young composers and audience members who wish to better understand the music of our time can also gain from seeing these techniques and approaches from a performer’s point of view.

As one conductor said: “This is the information I want my performers to know before the first rehearsal.” Each chapter addresses the specific traits of contemporary music that differ from the common-practice, and how to approach and perform these traits. End of chapter questions, suggested listening lists, and activities lead to discussion and direct application of the materials.

As a single-source reference, this book consolidates information that is normally scattered throughout many books, and presents it in a well-thought out pedagogical approach. Covering topics like beginning improvisation in both a jazz and non-jazz, contemporary classical style, how to work with microphones, speaker systems, and computer technology in a non-technical language and approach, and many other essential topics for today’s musician, Materials for the Contemporary Instrumentalist fills an empty space on every musician’s shelf.

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