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Fundamentals for the Aspiring Musician is a new, innovative text that goes beyond eBooks and hard copy only texts by means of its interactive, multi-pane interface. Written in clear, direct language, and with a thoughtful pedagogical flow, this text comes with both a traditional hard copy text, including workbook exercises to hand in, in which students may take notes or study while away from their computer. It also includes a CD-ROM that installs a fully integrated hypertext with an identical layout to the hard copy that includes playback of musical examples, the ability to look-up words in the definitions window, and to navigate easily to any page: all without annoying, pop-up windows or without loosing your place in the text. Students can see the examples as they play them. Both "linear" and "non-linear" learning is possible, as students can both read the text normally (linear learning) or they may explore definitions and related terms (non-linear learning) without leaving the textbook page they are on. Written theory, aural skills, and foundational works in the literature are all integrated into one package. Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh, and inculdes complete on-line materials for self-review and drill and practice.

To learn more, order a copy, or request an evaluation copy if you are an instructor, select the Routledge link to the upper-right. You may also purchase directly from Amazon.com via the link on the lower-right side or from any major bookseller.

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Example of the Hard Copy text and Screen Shot of the Parallel, Multi-pane, Interface window


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